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Private Network | VNO

Private Network | VNO

Satellite Solutions Telecom can help set your company up with Private Networks that link up business units in remote regions to their central hub, thus enabling the network to transmit and receive voice and data from anywhere in the world in a totally secure and closed circuit. By leveraging Satellite Solutions Telecom teleport expertise and infrastructure resources, operators can monitor and manage VSAT network capacity while saving on both capital expenditure and staffing requirements. Satellite Solutions VNO is available on both C-Band and Ku-Band over Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

A VNO allows you the benefit of controlling your own VSAT network without the high cost and investment of the VSAT teleport infrastructure. Satellite Solutions Telecom provides the baseband equipment, large antenna and radio frequency (RF) systems, physical space, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) etc. You buy your line card and co-locate routing equipment at our facility.

With a VNO, you will have the ability to control and run services to your end customers with the highest level of autonomy.

The tools and features available to you for either the Private Network or VNO include:

– Commission, control and monitor your own remote sites.

– Deliver end users broadband speeds of up to 18 mbps.

– Ensure your network traffic is 100% physically separate from anyone else’s.

– Provide custom QOS service levels and definitions.

– Support applications like VoIP, video and private networks.

– Pay only for the capacity you need.

– Design and configure your own IP addressing scheme.

– Easily expand your service capacity on demand