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Satellite Internet and Communications Service Provider

Satellite Solutions Telecom  specializes in communications, information technology (ICT) integration and solutions company. We meet our clients communications needs by offering a complete line of satellite communications products that include state of the art quick deploy VSAT systems and space segment, vehicular communications systems , turnkey mobile office solutions and satellite phones and airtime. We complement our product line, with our efficient service to design and support a customized solution tailored to the needs of the client-whether the application is rapid response, crisis communication, live video broadcasting or secure military communications.

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Energy & Utilities

Satellite connectivity enables Utilities to bring the smart grid anywhere it is required, especially to remote substations, AMI collector sites and customer locations beyond the reach of primary networks.

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Business continuity & readiness plans

A good business continuity and disaster preparedness plan must be fast, reliable and able to provide the same functionality as the wireline network.

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Maritime Connectivity

Satellite communications play a vital role within the maritime industry and iDirect is a technology leader providing the platform of choice for service providers connecting vessels at sea .

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Education “ schools & universities “

Schools in remote areas need not be at an educational disadvantage. Whether it’s Internet access for rural classrooms beyond the reach of terrestrial broadband , iDirect technology opens doors for any educational network.

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Oil & Gas

Satellite Solutions  provides offshore and maritime solutions that cater to demands for higher data throughputs to support bandwidth-intensive services .

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Enterprise connectivity

Global connectivity is essential. Organizations need a single, integrated IP network that merges voice, data and video and supports all business applications across the enterprise anyplace, anytime.

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