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Business continuity & readiness plans

Business Continuity & readiness plans

Be prepared during network failures
A good business continuity and disaster preparedness plan must be fast, reliable and able to provide the same functionality as the wireline network.

Many types of services need the security of alternate routing in case their primary communications link goes down. Sometimes the justification is purely commercial; a retail store offline for the shortest time can be very costly. Other services need backup for strategic reasons, such as key control points in the electricity and pipeline businesses or to keep emergency communications running when terrestrial links fail.

Satellite plays a key role in Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery for these reasons:

    • iDirect satellite infrastructure can be completely independent of other terrestrial communications ensuring there are no single points of failure.
  • The reliability required for back-up links can be engineered to meet the business need.
  • An iDirect satellite is economic because the network can allocate bandwidth on demand when required, and reallocate that bandwidth eight (8) times per second to exactly match the instantaneous demands of each site needing backup services.
  • This eliminates the need to allocate bandwidth for every site that might need alternate capacity, just for the percentage that might be needed at any moment.
  • iDirect remotes can be part of a global IP or MPLS network, switching traffic seamlessly and automatically when needed.

Some of the world’s largest companies use iDirect technology to offer business continuity and disaster recovery for their terrestrially connected customers, relying on our advanced management systems, including iVantage and SatManage.