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Point to Multipoint

Point to Multi-point

Point-to-multipoint networks for business and government applications with long-distance telecommunications needs.

A fully meshed network solution that allows all connected sites to communicate directly with each other, using a shared pool of bandwidth – optimizing performance and cost effectiveness. Ideally suited to regional distributed remote operations that need to communicate both locally and centrally but whose demand for network capacity fluctuates – Supports voice, data, video communications.

– Highly reliable networks over a wide geographical area, with the same quality of service and identical implementation and infrastructure costs for each site.

– interconnect sites with inadequate terrestrial infrastructures available.

– broadcast information efficiently to a large number of sites.

– dispense with multi-operator agreements and control the network from one central point.

– optimize infrastructure costs by using bandwidth sharing.

The point-to-multipoint networks are simple to install, offer immediate accessibility,continuous high-quality transmissions, and can be expanded at very low extra cost as your business needs evolve.

Satellite Solutions Telecom offers Point to Multi point solution on both C band and Ku Band through various satellites which covers Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.