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Point to Point

Point To Point

Point-to-point communication is the most widespread application over satellite. Ideal for static environments, where communications requirements are clearly established – Supports voice, data, video communications between two points located on the same satellite coverage, it’s the simplest way to use satellites.

Transmissions are carried out using two frequency channels on a satellite transponder: one for the forward link carrier, the other for the return link carrier. One single data channel is then transported per carrier in SCPC mode (Single Channel Per Carrier). Transmissions can be made at different rates, from hundreds of kilobits par second to hundreds of megabits per second, and through different types of interfaces (RS 232, V35, Ethernet).

Point-to-point communications via satellites enable the transmission of digital signals in a very flexible and granular way, directly from one point to another, dispensing with multi-operator agreements. They can be established on a very short notice and can be easily reconfigured if the location of a site changes. Satellite Solutions Telecom offers Point to point solution on both C band and Ku Band through various satellites which covers Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.