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Maritime Connectivity

Maritime Connectivity

One Solution for Always-On Access at Sea

Satellite communications play a vital role within the maritime industry and iDirect is a technology leader providing the platform of choice for service providers connecting vessels at sea. iDirect’s VSAT technology is the most broadly deployed solution across the growing ranks of broadband-enabled vessels.

With over 90 percent of worldwide trade served by the maritime market, vessels at sea rely on broadband connectivity and VSAT technology to stay in touch with operations on land, increase work productivity and improve the quality of life for the 1.2 million seafarers that are the backbone of the maritime industry.

VSAT networks supporting connectivity at sea have seen exponential growth over the past five years. A recent research report by maritime consultants Stark Moore MacMillan estimated that 30% of the global shipping industry will be trialing or fitting VSAT in the next 24 months.

The growth and implementation of VSAT technology is a result of the increased use of IP applications on board vessels. VSAT technology is not only being deployed for crew connectivity, Internet access, email and mobile phone connectivity, but it’s being used to improve the operational efficiency on board a vessel while providing improved access and interaction with resources on shore. As VSAT technology continues to develop, it will play a dominant role in providing broadband connectivity for vessels around the globe.

iDirect’s innovations in IP broadband provide a cost-effective, scalable solution with always-on connectivity. The flexibility of the iDirect system allows a maritime service provider to start small, with minimum investment, and scale networks as business grows.

From regional services to global Ku-, C, or the latest Ka-band networks being developed, iDirect technology maximizes capacity while it enables maritime providers to guarantee service levels that meet any customer demand.

Features of the iDirect Maritime Solution

The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ reduces bandwidth by dynamically allocating capacity to maritime vessels based on real-time demand using a centralized pool of shared bandwidth. Platform highlights include:

  • Automatic Beam Switching – As a vessel travel’s across various satellite footprints seamless connectivity is maintained enabling global coverage without intervention from the crew.
  • Group Quality of Service – Manage the use of bandwidth across fleets, for multiple ships or even prioritized for individual applications or specific requirements on board a single vessel.
  • Global Network Management – Enables a service provider to ensure a consistent connection for each vessel’s router as it passes through networks around the globe.
  • SatManage – Advanced suite of software providing unparalleled insight into network management and reliability allowing operators to provide detailed reports and manage SLAs.
  • OpenAMIP – open protocol that enables easier communication and integration between satellite routers and the industry leading stabilized VSAT antennas.