Thuruya Services

Thuraya offers reliable satellite-based telecommunications solutions to travelers, governments and corporate users in industries including the media, maritime and aviation. We offer different forms of service subscription in order to best suit your needs.

Thuraya satellite terminals offers Broadband Data Service through a highly compact, ultra lightweight and advanced satellite terminals., Thuraya terminals offer superior ‘Always on’ super quick Internet access even from the remotest regions in more than 140 countries in the world.

A generation ahead in design and performance, Thuraya satellite broadband modems combines ultimate performance with a customized rugged design and protection to sustain rough usage. It’s easiness of setup – makes it simple plug and play mechanism that comes with user friendly graphical user interface.
The THURAYA handheld phone integrates three different technologies, satellite, GSM and GPS, as well as a satellite-based payphone solution. THURAYA’S handheld mobile phone is a powerful communication tool. The Satellite/GSM integration via the Satsleeve ensures that you can enjoy smooth and seamless service.

The THURAYA phone’s sleek styling makes it convenient to carry anywhere. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Thuraya phone accessories give it added versatility for indoor, car and boat use.

The THURAYA handheld Satsleeve opens up a world of roaming. It will enable you to access local GSM networks and link to satellite mode outside of that service area. If you are in THURAYA’s coverage area you can make a call to, and receive a call from, anywhere in the world. If you are outside the coverage area you may be able to use GSM mode in areas with compatible standards.

THURAYA’s advanced satellite technology and long lifespan guarantees users long and stable services for many years to come. Thuraya is redefining satellite telephony, making it easy to use, affordable, and convenient.

You can use the THURAYA Satsleeve which is applicable for iPhone & Samsung handhelds with your existing GSM SIM card, providing that you have both international and roaming enabled with your monthly subscription of Vodafone & MobiNiL. Or better you could start the savings in the per unit rate if you subscribe to our THURAYA network instead, THURAYA subscribers enjoy cost saving features embed with their monthly subscription, like billing in unit increments of 6 seconds, instead of the minute rate that is used in other networks.