iDirect’s unique IP-based TDM/D-TDMA satellite transmission technology enablescustomers to intelligently share network capacity across multiple locations, allocating bandwidth in real time and on demand.Significantly saves bandwidth.

iDirect’s TDM technology is used for the outbound (downstream) from the hub to the remote. The proprietary implementation of the TDM protocol, along with a number of advanced technologies (including Turbo Product Codes and iDirect's unique IP encapsulation techniques), transmit data packets in a manner that allows for maximum utilization of assigned bandwidth. From 128 up to 20 Mbps. Scalable.Utilizing iDirect’s patented Deterministic TDMA (D-TDMA) technology. Sharing capacity in dynamic manner.

QOS The deterministic nature of the system continually allocates bandwidth multiple times per second based to the exact demand of each remote and the network operator-imposed QoS restrictions. Bandwidth flexible on both ends. Saves satellite bandwidth. Performance guaranteed

The iDX 3.1 Platform allows significant improvent in narrowband service, which is especially useful for applications like SCADA. And the new modems provide greater bandwidth efficiency than other models. Advanced monitoring tools make for a cleaner network which translates into improved service for all customers.

The primary advantage of the iDirect Evolution product line is the ability for the modems to perform ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation). ACM allows each satellite remote to attain the greatest amount of data throughput by choosing the best coding and modulation scheme available to the remote at that time.